Creating a Podcast with "Cast" & Submitting it to Squarespace and PodTrac Analytics

by Casimir Panawash-Bielinski of

This is for anyone out there who wants to use Squarespace to publish their audio podcast while still receiving the free analytics that PodTrac uses. At this time, Squarespace and Podtrac are finnicky to work together, but it is possible. Podtrac's Squarespace steps are somewhat unclear for someone who is not too familiar with code of any kind. This document is a super straight-forward combination of the multiple places I've needed to locate training material to stitch together and compile a better, more complete, tutorial. This is niche post with a smaller audience, I'm sure... but I wish I would have had this when I started.

Also, if anything else on this site interests you... enjoy. 


1. Record the show in Cast.

2. Export the "regular mix" from the editor after editing and adding music and sound effects.


3. Place .mp3 file in an episode-titled folder inside the "Cast Recordings" folder inside the "Bucks Fancast" folder.

4. Open .mp3 from step 3 in Audacity.

5. Save the file as .WAV file to an episode-titled folder inside the "Audacity Recordings" folder inside the "Bucks Fancast" folder.

6. Take .WAV file from step 5 and drag into The Levelator software. This makes a new version of the file in the same folder.

7. Open the Levelator-made file in Audacity.

8. Save file from step 7 titled by "[episode number] - [Episode Name]" inside the "Final Recordings" folder as a .mp3 file, variable bit rate, 95-135kbps


9. Insert Audio block to Squarespace blog already set up to be a podcast

10. Upload the .mp3 file from the "Final Recordings" folder.

11. Add necessary title, description, etc. information.

12. Make sure the "show download link" option is activated/checked

13. Apply changes to audio block and save the blog post as a draft. (DO NOT PUBLISH YET)

14. Copy the download link from the audio block player and paste it into the "DOWNLOAD LINK (without Prefix)" and "DOWNLOAD LINK (with Prefix) sections below.

15. Copy the "PODTRAC PREFIX" from below and paste it immediately before the DOWNLOAD LINK you just inserted in step 14.

15.a. Make sure there is a "/" between the "" and the "" ... so >>> ".mp3/https"

16. Copy the "DOWNLOAD LINK (with Prefix)" and paste it into the "DOWNLOAD LINK (with Prefix and "https://" removed)"

17. Delete the "https://" between the ".mp3" and the ""

18. Copy the resulting link from step 17.

19. Edit the audio block from the blog post and click "External File" in the "Embed" section.

20. Paste the DOWNLOAD LINK (with Prefix and "https://" removed)" you copied from step 18 into the "Audio File URL" section.

21. Change the "Audio File Mime Type" to "audio/mpeg(.mp3)"

22. Click Apply

23. You audio block is now ready.

24. When the rest of your blog post is ready, publish the blog post.

25. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Congratulations! You've successfully Created a podcast using Cast and Submitted it to Squarespace with Podtrac's analytics tools.



DOWNLOAD LINK (without Prefix)


DOWNLOAD LINK (with Prefix)


DOWNLOAD LINK (with Prefix and "https://" removed)